The summer this won’t happen. Photo by Kenny Rodriguez via Facebook

We’re all rightfully excited about the summer, and the rebirth of outdoor fun in the city for a few months. Sadly, there’ll be one summer tradition that’s hanging up its viking helmet and beer bong, as after five years, Tiki Disco won’t be returning to the Roberta’s garden. It leaves an enormous speaker-sized hole in our hearts, but the summer must go on.

While anxiously waiting for the schedule, we reached out to Roberta’s, whose press person, who told us that “Unfortunately, there are no plans to do the Tiki Disco at Roberta’s this year.” It won’t be happening at the Knockdown Center either, according to an employee reached by email who told us that they “do not have any plans with Tiki Disco this year.” We also spoke to a source at Roberta’s, who mentioned factors that led to the end of the party like the departure from the restaurant of the original management team that brought Tiki Disco into the fold and a focus on getting frozen pizzas out the door.

So, you’ll have to find other places to look cool while waiting in line (and also to dance, we suppose). As for the actual Tiki Disco DJ crew themselves, they do throw their own parties and their Facebook page is promising an announcement about their summer status soon. So while the Roberta’s era is over, one can only wonder if a new host will pick up the turntable.

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