The lanes are waiting, are you ready? via Facebook

Yesterday we told you that registration was now open for another gripping Brewskee-Ball season. You might be thinking about registering, but you also might be thinking about how you need the money to do so for things like rent and food and other so-called “basic living expenses.” So sad. Except! The fine folks running the league said that they would waive the $60 registration fee for the person with the best/worst punny team name in the comments section.

Think things like Holy Rollers, Easy Peezy Lemon Skeezy, Brewin’ It Well and Skeeze of Destruction. Just not those ones, because they’re up here and Jesus they’re awful.

Get your puns in by 5pm on Sunday, and you just might be the one getting the drunken glory of holding a trophy. Finally, an accomplishment to tell mom and dad about.

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