Pssst… want a Prius with that new apartment?

picture-169We’ve heard that apartment sellers are slashing prices in desperation, but here’s an incentive we may be seeing more of: over the weekend the Corcoran Group offered a brand new Toyota Prius to anyone who committed to a full-price offer on a one-bedroom condo at a Prospect Heights/Crown Heights building, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports. The four remaining one-bedroom 750-square-foot units in “The Sinclair” have balconies and go for $379,000 to $389,000. They look nice in the photos (even though there’s definite brick wallage in the bedroom window shots on Corcoran). Corcoran isn’t telling us whether the gimmick worked—you had to bid by July 5—but how odd is that to have the same apartment and car as three of your neighbors? Don’t we live in Brooklyn because it isn’t a planned community?

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