PSA: Ladies, you never have to pay for another dinner again

Ladies, are you struggling with your monthly bills? Between your (super cute!) top-floor apartment, a wardrobe that’s the envy of all your blogger friends and tri-weekly dinners cooked in the salt of Anthony Bourdain’s tears, somehow you’re still coming up short. In olden days, all a girl needed to remedy this situation was a suitor. But modern times have left us with a dating pool of baby-boy tadpoles. Well your BK girl problems are about to b-gone. With the savings and finance plan, you can wine and dine just as much as ever, and still have room for Balenciaga binges. All it takes is $50 a month, plus a chunk of integrity (but you’re trying to slim down anyway, right?). Start your account today. Your investment banker is waiting, and he’s got the Perignon on ice.