(Probably) fake unofficial ‘Girls’ walking tour still funny

Aramaic huh? via Lena Dunham's Instagram

Aramaic huh? via Lena Dunham’s Instagram

We’ve all been dreading the coming wave of the Girls tours, ready to swarm Brooklyn like so many hungry terrifying cicadas. Fortunately, none have actually been put together yet, and in spite of what the above sign promises, we’re pretty damn sure it’s not real. The biggest clue? No one is charging obscene amounts of money for the privilege of leading around a bunch of clueless tourists/fame humpers.

Sure, there’s a chance this can be real, just like there’s a chance that it’s really a way to draw the clueless to somewhere dark and then separate them from their valuables. But, the above flyer, found on Lena Dunham’s Instagram, is just a bit too on the nose. Using words like “gawk” promises like “Learn how to write/direct your own Tiny Furniture” and the promise of a photo of a you, the tour-goer holding a Golden Globe are jokes that a little too obvious, and reveal this as the brainchild of either frustrated Greenpoint residents or just every day trolls. Although the “available in Spanish, German, Farsi, Aramaic and Australian” is a nice touch, as is the promise of the two free beers. We’d take this tour for two free beers. And hell, at least the sign is funnier than Robots.

[ht/t Jezebel]