Epic end-of-summer book sale at powerHouse

If you’ve exhausted Brooklyn’s dwindling selection of used bookstores, or if the idea of combing through slightly moldy hardbacks gives you the willies, powerHouse Arena’s epic Summer Skid Sale might be your time to browse. Offering a myriad of titles for up to 90 percent off, this book bonanza is the time to stock up on some discounted fall reads and quirky coffee table oddities. The best deals seem to be in the massive selection of art and photo books, where you can snag anything from a rather normal photo collection of Obama’s presidential campaign ($8.50 from $30!) to a decidedly peculiar portrait series of suburbanites who reenact medieval battles for fun. The sale is online too, and this is the last weekend! 

This extensive collection of sexually suggestive pictures of extremely hairy men apparently has not been snatched up yet either, and is arguably the perfect way to startle/horrify any guest who may plop down on your couch.

There’s also a selection of fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books attractively priced between $2-$10. The sale runs through the end of this weekend, and you can check out some of what’s left here before you go.

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