Posters from Brooklyn’s Pop Chart Lab on Fab today

Insanely Great History of Apple

Have I told you guys how much I love They’re not paying me to say that or anything (please, not that we’re above sponsored posts), but it’s the most fun and affordable of the flash sale sites. (Those can get really out of hand¬†if you’re not careful, by the way.) Here, too, one¬†must exercise discipline amid the onslaught of kooky, designy, Fred Flare-ish housewares and posters by indie artists like our logo creators, The Heads of State. Today, in addition to $4.50 pots and pans, Fab has posters from Pop Chart Labs, a couple of guys in Brooklyn who do clever infographics about beer, chocolate, and the famous Insanely Great History of Apple Poster above ($19). Check out the sale here.