Point, shoot, win: capture the spirit of Brooklyn and see it on a postcard

You could always just follow Marty Markowitz around. via Marty Markowitz Eating

What kind of picture best represents Brooklyn in the here and now? Jay-Z surveying his kingdom? Bacon filtered through Instagram? Whatever the hell is going on here? If you think you can better capture the spirit of Kings County with your camera, Brooklyn Tourism wants your picture for a postcard image.

They’ve begun Mi Brooklyn, a contest to select the five best images to represent the borough on a new set of postcards.  The competition is open to all Brooklyn residents who own a camera, be they a professional or amateur photographer.  Photos must be submitted by November 1, and will be judged to look for the ones “that capture the unique mix and constant churn of new and old that makes Brooklyn such a unique place to live, work, and play,” according to the submissions page.  In addition to postcard fame, the top five photographers win gift certificates to Willoughby’s Camera Emporium (which ironically, is in Manhattan) topping out at $250.  So get your cameras out and start shooting the beauty of the borough!