Play summer hooky with $1 morning movies

It's time to light the lights/soak up the AC

What is it about seeing a movie during the day that feels like you’re beating the rat race system with your hooky playing ways? It’s all the much better in the summer, when you wake up in a puddle of your own sweat, especially if you’re the family friendly type looking for cooling activities for your brood that don’t involve $1 tuna fish and wilted salad. If you’re game for getting up early to beat the heat, Sheepshead Bay’s Regal Cinemas has your hooky plans: a 9-week morning family friendly movie festival where all films are just $1. The full schedule below:


All shows are at 10am on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Sheepshead Bay Stadium 14, 3907 Shore Pkwy


Cats And Dogs: Revenge

Muppets Take Manhattan


How To Train Your Dragon

Muppets From Space


Charlotte’s Web

Karate Kid


Jason And The Argonauts

Legend Of The Guardians



Open Season


Open Season 2

Yogi Bear


Open Season 3

The Last Airbender


Alpha And Omega

Kit Kittredge


Ramona & Beezus

The Spy Next Door

If you live up in Upstate Brooklyn, you can also check out the festival ( at Long Island City’s Kaufman Astoria Stadium theater too.

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