Pinch us: Weekly crab boil comes to Pork Slope

Dale Talde shows you what's up. via Facebook

Dale Talde shows you what’s up. via Facebook

Pork Slope, emporium of meat and booze, was already a place you should pop in to, whether you had a beer book or not. Though having a beer book helps of course. Having grown bored with what they could do with animals that walk on land, the Pork Slope crew has decided to dive under the sea and they’ve come up with a bevy of crabs for you nosh on every Wednesday for the rest of the summer.

Today, and every Wednesday until the summer’s over, Pork Slope will be hosting a crab boil, so all you Old Bay addicts can stop pouring it on popcorn and start pouring it on the food it was made for. Starting at 5pm, you can head to Pork Slope and get messy, paying either $28 for six crabs or $54 for twelve crabs. The crabs, as you can see above, also come with heaping helpings of corn, potatoes and sausage. To wash it all down, Pork Slope is also introducing a bourbon-soaked white peach Arnold Palmer for $10. But don’t get too drunk, eating crabs is difficult enough when you’re sober.