Played them all, from Soho to Brighton? Bring those pinball skills to Park Slope!

Bring it on, Tommy! One of the tables at Fifth Estate.

Among the strange things growing up in New Jersey gives you — allergies, ridiculously expensive car insurance, a full pelvic ultrasound by MTV reality shows on your beaches — the ability to beat chumps in pinball is not one to regret. So all you Springsteen lovers bangin’ those pleasure machines will be happy to hear about the upcoming Spring Pinball Soiree at The Fifth Estate on Monday by Pinball NYC, our local pinball league. It’s free to enter, though you’ll still have to bring quarters for the machines. You can enter with teams of two as mixed doubles, so bring a date, as the silver ball skill is a known aphrodisiac (with the kind of girls I want to date, anyway); or you can show up and find a partner there. The bar has four pinball machines, and the top three teams will win prizes.

Pinball Spring Soiree, March 26, 8pm, Fifth Estate, 506 Fifth Ave, Park Slope.