Free photo book to remember the Sandy rocked Rockaways

Expensive storm, free book. Via Concord Free Press.

Expensive storm, free book. Via Concord Free Press.

Hard to think it’s been almost a year since Hurricane Sandy walloped the coastline — after all, some of its most victimized businesses have only squeaked back to life in the past month or so. Even if you spent the summer looking at the damage in the Rockaways while on your way to the beach, the real images of how awful that storm really was are important to remember. Over at the New York Times, our friend Julie Turkewitz writes about The Rockaways, a new photo book from photographer Gilles Peress showing the devastation in Breezy Point and the surrounding areas. And you can get it for free starting today at PowerHouse Arena in Dumbo.The book, from Concord Free Press, was made with donated time and resources from the photographer, writer, editors and printer. The idea behind making it free is to expose it to a broader audience than the people who usually buy photography collections.

In exchange for the free book, the publisher asks you to give to a cause of their choice, tell them about it on the website and pass the book along to a friend (the Times reporters previous free books from the publisher have generated $327,000 in donations).

You can get it today at this publication party at PowerHouse Arena, or pick it up at several other locations across the city starting Oct. 30, a day after the one-year anniversary of the storm.

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