Hey scribes, check out this weekly pay-what-you-wish writing workshop

Writers of both the realized and aspiring kinds know the sometimes torturous solitude that accompanies their star-crossed profession. Or at least, the torturous impulse to keep hitting refresh on their Facebook feeds. Brooklyn writers now have an affordable way to flee their desk distractions and break through writer’s block, without 8-week commitments or cultish memberships in groups that make you flash your pedigree card before joining. The New York Writers’ Coalition offers weekly pay-what-you-wish writing workshops [link fixed] every Wednesday afternoon (that’s today), right in the center of Literary Brooklyn — and Walt Whitman’s old stomping grounds — Fort Greene. Writers of any experience level and type are welcome, but sessions are capped at 25 participants so early arrival is encouraged. No sign-up is required.

Maybe you won’t be throwing lavishly nostalgic parties for your writer pals at Truman Capote’s Brooklyn Heights pad (it just sold for $12 million), but who needs it! Your manuscript needs life. The Coalition says there is a “gently suggested” $10 donation, but you are welcome to attend for free.

Every Wednesday, 12:30-2:30 at 80 Hanson Place, in the fourth floor conference room.

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