A scrapped rendering

There was a time when this now far somber looking building was slated to become a yuppie spaceship, a “space-age city hall for sea monkeys” likely to lift off into the sky and gentrify Pluto at any moment. Alas, the above rendering, featuring portholes and a domed roof, was scrapped after being brutally roasted by the internet and locals. Developer SSJ Development decided to forget the original plans in favor of a much more normal-looking structure.


Rendering via Durukan Design
The spaceship has transformed. This is its reality now. Rendering via Durukan Design

As of today, the development is open to affordable housing applications. There are 14 units total up for lottery – one studio, six one-bedrooms and seven two-bedrooms. The lucky winner of the studio unit will pay $833/month, while rent for the one-bedrooms is $926/month and rent for the two-bedrooms is $1,043/month. Eligible studio contenders will be single and making between $28,560 and $40,080 a year, while one-bedroom applicants should be one or two person households with $31,749 to $45,850 in annual income, and two-bedroom applicants should be two to four person households making between $35,760 and $57,240 annually.

Meanwhile, market rate apartments in the building are going for close to $3,000 a month.


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 2.32.35 PM

The building is a few blocks from the Bedford Ave. G station and a not too awful walk from the Myrtle Av. J/M/Z stop.

Amenities include an on-site garage, bike storage and living on the site of the former Kismet movie theater, meaning your dreams will be pleasantly haunted by celebrities of silver screens past.

Per usual, a portion of units will go to those with mobility, vision, or hearing disabilities, municipal employees, and area residents (in this case, those living within Brooklyn Community Board 3). Also, up to a quarter of units, “may be allocated through referrals of applicants from city agencies,” rather, now is the time to call in any and all favors you’re owed by those with connections to City Hall.

Lottery applications are being accepted through June 7. Don’t be scammed: There’s never a broker’s fee for these lotteries and you should apply through NYC Housing Connect.


You don't have to only have white or glass furniture, but it's suggested.
You don’t have to only have white or glass furniture, but it’s suggested.

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