It’s still a Sandy mess out there – Where can we help today?

There’s still work to be done. via BrooklynVegan

Starting today, we’re going to offer up a post on the site each day to act as an open thread for places that still need help digging out from Sandy. If you need volunteers, if you need supplies, if you need cash donations, tell us in the comments and we’ll be sure to spread the word on our Twitter account and our Facebook page. Let’s defy the predictions and not get distracted from the good we’ve done as a community by a shift in the news cycle.

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  • from occupy sandy on FB: URGENT #SandyAid – Sunset Park Distro Hub needs medical supplies – 1st Aid kits, bandages, gauze, tape, ibuprofen, aspirin, alcohol swabs, etc!

  • From Red Hook Initiative on fb: Our friends in the Rockaways need some help.
    NEED: batteries (AA, AAA, C, D), baby formula, blankets, candles, flashlights, canned goods, pampers. Deliver to 443 Beach 54th 8:30am – 3:30pm. Please share!

  • From Sarah Stout Miller on fb: Broad Channel. There is an American Legion Post 1404 that is feeding the surrounding community and offering supplies, but they don’t seem able to disseminate information about other resources. People were especially interested in school relocations, so it doesn’t seem like that information is getting out. They need to know where to vote! Assemblyman Mike Miller’s office sent us out there with fliers, and could perhaps help coordinate volunteers.