You’ve got a few more hours to make it yours

So you might have heard that the subway is underwater. In that case, how the hell are you supposed to get around? Fortunately, our bike giveaway with Dutch bike-masters VANMOOF is running for a few more hours. And if you’re sitting at home watching Chris Christie shake his fist at the flood, why not try to win the bike?

VANMOOF knows what they’re doing, and they would, since the Netherlands is home to a town that effectively banned cars from their streets. These people are pros: their bikes have won design awards all over Europe, including the prestigious Red Dot award and the Dutch Design Award.

The bike we’ve got for you, the VANMOOF5, is made of light-weight aluminum, so you won’t get a sweaty back after riding over the Manhattan Bridge; it’s got an integrated chain lock, so you’ll never lose it; and it’s outfitted with super-bright, pedal-powered Philips lights that are nicely integrated in the frame. The only thing you ever have to do to see and been seen, is hit the switch.

Opt into the contest by giving VANMOOF your email below and earn extra entries by following them on Facebook & Twitter and sharing the contest with your friends. But hurry, you’ve only got 12 hours to go.

The VANMOOF Giveaway!

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