On the market this weekend: affordable apartments in Flatbush

Your new home? Maybe! via  Camba Housing Ventures

Your new home? Maybe! via Camba Housing Ventures

The rent, as we all know, is rather steep around here. There are a couple of coping strategies out there, like crying, waiting out the housing bubble or living with 14 roommates. Or you could play the housing lottery game, and hey, there’s a new ticket for you to scratch off. This weekend, there’s an open house for a couple of units in Morris Manor, an affordable housing building in East Flatbush that come with both cheap rent and plenty of amenities.

Morris Manor is located at 1247 Flatbush Avenue, between Avenue D and Newkirk Avenue. The building is made up exclusively of studio apartments that are rented to people with incomes between $18,000 and $36,000 per year. If you’re reading this site, we bet that’s you. The building has a 24-hour doorman, a community room, courtyard and computer room with internet access. Rent is calculated based on 30% of your income, so the less you make, the less you pay. Finally, your boss exploiting you pays off.

If you want to see the cheap studio of your dreams, the open house is this Sunday, June 9, from 1pm to 3pm, so put on your best “I’m responsible but please pity me” face and then hope against hope that this is the magic scratch-off housing ticket you’ve been dreaming of.

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