Oh the places you’ll go (On the G)

The G train is for lovers. via The Brooklyn Paper

The tunnel’s unflooded
The tracks are all dry
The MTA’s said, “Let us let the G fly!”

You won’t have to set foot in Manhattan, no not one step
North Brooklyn to south is no longer a schlep
And if you would like to go visit Queens
The G is for you! It’s the train of your dreams!

It’s a line that we love, except when we hate it
But having it here just makes life the greatest
And yes there are times it runs in two sections
In cases like that, we withhold our affection
It might be short and it isn’t that fast
Yet having it back is such, such a blast

Call up your best girl, call her and yell
“The G train is back! Let’s go raise some hell!”

You have beer in your belly
And lust in your brain
A great combination when you take the G train
Carroll Gardens, Gowanus and Williamsburg too
So many good times are out there for you

And when you go home on this oft-maligned line, your date may ask,
“Will we wait a long time?”
Yes! You will indeed! (98 3/4 percent guaranteed!)

be your destination Frankie’s or Pete’s,
if you like Union Pool or or Junior’s sweet treats
you’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
The G train is waiting.
So…get on your way!

(And when you’ve waited for ages
and ask “Oh what the hell?”
Just thank your stars you don’t live off the L)

*with apologies to Theodore Geisel

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