Cameo, we salute you. via Facebook

Well, it’s official. After a summer of rumors, Cameo Gallery has announced that it will close permanently on November 21. We kind of knew it was coming, and probably so did they, but it’s still no fun to hear.

The news comes as the latest in a slew of closures of BK event venues. Cameo has gone the way of Trash Bar, and dozens of other venues that suffered rent hikes and shuttered their windows.

We at Brokelyn HQ have each enjoyed our share of memories at the Gallery—some of ’em even together (looking at you, Big Terrific). We’re bummed to see them close.

In the meantime, stay tuned about Cameo’s final events on their website or on their Facebook page. Got any fond memories of nights you spent there? Join us in a little tender reminiscence by posting ’em in the comments. Maybe we all have the same ones!

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