Protesters to occupy Grand Army Plaza on Saturday

They're coming....

Never one to be outdone by Manhattan, Brooklyn is planning its own Occupy Wall Street protest on Saturday, with plans to put down stakes in the borough’s financial center of … Grand Army Plaza. So the protest on this side of the bridge for now is only a one-off show of solidarity with the hotties of Zuccotti, and not, we assume, a statement against the capitalistic greed of the public library and farmers market. Unlike protests in the FiDi and throughout the country, Brooklyn’s demonstration got an immediate boost from a local big wig: Mr. Brooklyn himself Marty Markowitz. “There is no doubt that Americans — those in the ‘99 percent’ — are hurting, and we can all agree that some of the issues being raised by these protests … are concerns we can all rally around,” the borough prez told the Brooklyn Paper (Marty wasn’t sure if he will join in on Saturday). They’ve got a bare bones website set up along with a few twitter accounts and a Facebook page for the protest scheduled to go from 11am-question mark. All y’all goin?

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  • hmmm… how will this impact THE FARMER’S MARKET!??

  • ows is just across the bridge. are we that lazy that we can’t make it over there?

  • Of all times and places to hold a rally and “occupy Brooklyn” – why do they choose to do major harm to one of the last significant weekends for our local farmers to see income from a year’s hard labor?  If they actually cared about the 99% then they would not be occupying Brooklyn’s biggest farmer’s market this Saturday. They’re doing an injustice to our local farmers and clearly do not care for local economic prosperity for those who actually do live bare bones. These farmers grow what the federal government labels as “specialty crops” (aka all crops that aren’t subsidized commodity crops such as corn, wheat, soy, etc.) and have no monetary support or significant crop insurance available to them. I understand they want to have the biggest visible impact possible by occupying this Saturday’s farmers market – but shame on them for doing it at the expense of those who provide for us.

  • Not only is this attacking a fantastic NONcorporate endeavour here in Brooklyn, but it’s distracting media and protesters alike who would otherwise be participating in Manhattan’s Saturday marches on Chase Bank and Times Square. If the Brooklyn crew is truly in solidarity with OWS, it would be supporting the efforts on the other side of the bridge, not usurping them with tasteless diversions.

  • This makes absolutely no sense. Ugh. I strongly support the cause, but I think a lot of the people who make the decisions/are involved with the movement are ridiculous.

  • This is such a bad move; the farmer’s market will be impacted by this, and this is the worst time to disrupt the sales of our hard-working regional farmers who have already lost so much with the flooding of Irene. Several farmers there lost 90% of their saleable crops this season in the storms, and now the Occupy folks want to invade the space and drive down sales? Epic fail. 

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