NYC Quits: Apply for free help to quit smoking by Sept. 20

As your blogger, I recommend not going to that dentist.

If you smoke but still call yourself broke, you should consider one of two options: 1) pay one of Brokelyn’s certified anti-smoking experts $25 a week to come over to your house, punch you in the lungs for several hours and force you to stand out in the cold while smelling terrible; or 2) quit on your own. Health conscious NYC is pro-quitting, of course, which is why the NYC Quits program is giving out free aids again to help you stop smoking. You can apply through Sept. 20 for free nicotine patches or gum and help from a Quit Coach. Find out if you qualify here.

One Comment

  • “Hey, man, you want to go out for a punch in the lung?”
    “No, thanks. I’m quitting.”