NY Magazine giving away subscriptions today

Yes, we know print is about as hot as the talkies these days, but i f you’re going to subscribe to one non-iPad magazine, it should be either New York Magazine or the New Yorker. And the New Yorker you can get for being a member of WNYC (you do that too, yah?), so get yourself a free subscription to the city’s premier glossy today by following @nymag and RTing this phrase before 4 p.m. today: “Those crazy kids at @NYMag hit 100K followers, and are celebrating by giving away 25 subscriptions. #NYMag100K.” The mag is giving out 25 year subscriptions (42 issues) in celebration of the mag’s 100,000th follower. A Twitter contest? How Lowbrow Brilliant of you!

3 Comment

  • If I’m reading this right, you get the New Yorker with a $120 contribution to WNYC, whereas a regular subscription “only” costs $70.  Not really much of a giveaway, is it?

    • Well, sure, but you do get the New Yorker in *addition* to supporting public radio. It’s a bonus, not a sale, you know?

      • True enough, I just felt like it wasn’t really in sync with the overall tone of the piece (or this blog for that matter) given that it was about a giveaway rather than something costing a significant amount of money.