Nothing like Fab Four in the morning

sgt peppercropTuesday morning family concerts aren’t usually on our list of must-sees, but Beatles tunes fall under the ‘timeless’ column in our book. Tomorrow, May 18, at 11 (a.m.), the Brooklyn band Bubble is doing the Beatles at the Knitting Factory. The show’s billed as a family sing-along, which doesn’t mean “tots only,” so much as a chance for you to rock-out like you’re back in ’65 (or maybe briefly channel your parents, pre-you). And Bubble knows their John, Paul, George and Ringo—the band’s been pretty faithfully re-creating the Fab Four’s tunes over the last year or so (their Norwegian Wood here). $3 per family. If you’ve been itching for The Beatles Rock Band, this could get you through another week.