Nothing better: USPS testing same-day delivery in NYC next year

us postal service

Neither rain nor snow nor normal temporal limitations will stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. via Facebook

What’s worse than ordering some totally sweet thing on the internet and then having to actually wait a few business days for it? Nothing, right? Literally nothing worse on Earth than that. That could be an argument against doing all our retail shopping online, but sometimes it’s snowing or raining or you’re sick and you still want to buy a book. And now the US Postal Service is here to help, expanding their pilot program for same-day delivery from retailers to New York. Crain’s noticed the plan in a regulatory filing made by the USPS this week, which is all the proof we need that reading boring financial sector crap can have a payoff. In San Francisco, the pilot program worked with 1-800-FLOWERS, and presumably the program will start with that here as well. No one’s really sure, because the USPS is being pretty mum on the subject at the moment. A story from eCommerce bytes notes that San Francisco, the program expanded to mostly local retailers, and not big box stores, so maybe you’ll be able to get something from WORD or Co-op 77 without getting out of bed if the program is successful.

And we can see you’re shrugging it off now, but just wait until you turn to needing to get flowers delivered RIGHT NOW because you Gchatted something stupid to your special lady. You’re stuck on the office, but you know who isn’t? Your friendly neighborhood mailman, who will gladly deliver your cheap and easy attempt to apologize directly to her door or office. Woof, this got dark fast.