New to this year’s Northside: A huge hub for entrepreneurs

You know they're serious when there's a tent involved.

You already got that highlighter out for Northside Festival June 14-17 2012 ‘cos you are amped for the film premieres (Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen, Ai Wei Wei in the building), the music sked (GZA of the Wu-Tang, The Thermals, holla), but get ready: a new segment of Northside on June 14-15 will focus on entrepreneurship, aka that DIY spirit that we all know and love so much. It’s called the HÜB@Northside (You know they’re serious about the blowing-up bit because there’s a glow-in-the-dark tent involved. Also an umlaut.). The entrepreneurship site will feature more than 40 panels on design, software development, music and films, featuring faces from Mashable, The Dharma Body, CodeCademy, StoryCode,  ReverbNation, The New York Times, Etsy,  MTV, Rhapsody, MakerBot, Artists Wanted and more.

Check the breakdown:

  • 40,000 sq. ft. converted factory in Williamsburg : The HÜB
  • 350+ bands at 50+ venues, 45+ films at 3 theaters
  • Hubs include Innovation, Music Now Summit, Social Cinema, and The Startup Campus: roundtable discussions with thought leaders at NYU Polytechnic in Downtown Brooklyn

Complimentary shuttle bus service will transport brokesters from The Startup Campus in Downtown Brooklyn to The HÜB at 149 Kent Ave., Williamsburg. Oh hi, free ride? Beats what you got in college, or at the School of Life (obligatory refrain: “oh, PELL no.”)

The Fest sells out every year (the Brownout early show at Music Hall o’ Williamsburg already has, but you can still make quick and snag badge + tix here. (Discount  codes available via Northfest sponsors Brooklyn Magazine + The L Mag, if yer smart about it…). The HÜB@NORTHSIDE will debut at 149 Kent Ave

The 2012 Northside Festival for you, budding Brooklyn mogul-producer-changemaker, would be a hell yes.

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