Silent Barn taking applicants for their studio space

Last year, New York’s DIY music scene took a hit when venue and studio space Silent Barn faced the double whammy of getting robbed the day after being shut down by the fun police (real police). But, like true New Yorkers, the folks behind the venue have picked themelves up, dusted themselves off and started anew. Leaving rough and tumble Queens behind for the much safer environs of Brooklyn, the Silent Barn is now ready to accept applicants for their studio space in Bushwick.

Silent Barn now has a ten year lease on a three story building on Bushwick Avenue that will house over a dozen studios and 8 residential tenants.  So if you’re an artist looking for a place to “make sound, make a glooooorious mess, host a small event space, solder infinitely, etc,” then you may want to apply for one of those spaces.  The application simply asks about your art, what you plan on doing in the space, your budget, and what you would require the space to have. Given that the Ridgewood space quickly became a DIY institution,  you should probably try to get in now so that you reap all the cool points that come with it.