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New Yorkers give Uncle Sam billions more than we get back [Gothamist]
The New Yorker’s guide to rent assistance vouchers [Brick Underground]
Schumer wants bus safety grades posted on windshields [New York Times]
Gov. Cuomo, stop this Rockaway gas pipeline [Daily News]
Massive David Bowie exhibition coming to the Brooklyn Museum [Brownstoner]
The ultimate map of New York’s non-English languages [City Lab]
New plans for the Domino Sugar complex, revealed [NY Mag]
How Casey the cop spelt ‘Kosciuszko’ [Brownstoner Detectives]
Oops! Is East Williamsburg’s hottest free drag show [Bushwick Daily]
Step inside the MTA’s new subway cars, now with less seating [Gothamist]

This “Ultimate Guide to Walking Safely in the Big Apple” isn’t a naive advice manual – it’s a well documented, interactive map of pedestrian collisions.

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