Artist’s rendition of “Girls” showing at Videology. Janky mashup by Tim Donnelly

So before the season premiere, we hunted around for a bar, any bar, that was going to be showing Girls on a weekly basis. And no one answered the call. But now you can stop looking up torrents and skeevy streaming websites (not that you’d do something so illegal anyway) because someone has finally stepped up to provide you with the cable access you don’t want to pay for.

Continuing their strong run since rebranding themselves as a bar and screening location, Videology will be showing Girls on their Sunday TV Nights. They’ll also be showing Downton Abbey, but whatever, that show is boring and captures the zeitgeist of 1913, not 2013 (all Downton Abbey-related anger can be directed to @HerbertHarper). So sure it means you’ll have to give up the experience of watching Girls at home, but now you can cringe along with a crowd of strangers and realize that you’re not so alone in the world of questionable romantic and professional decisions. It all starts this Sunday, so pre-game hard (because you have no money) and bring your BFF or not quite boyfriend, or both.

TV Night, Sundays at 9pm, Videology, 308 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

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  1. Wonder how long will this last before HBO shuts it down like they did for the Sweets-Ups True Blood viewing parties a few years ago

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