Disguises voluntary.
Disguises voluntary.

Wouldn’t holiday shopping be a lot less gruesome if someone were paying you to do it? Before you apply to be the personal lip gloss shopper for the Kardashians, try this out: Consumer Reports is looking for secret shoppers throughout New York state to make undercover purchases for the magazine, and get paid $12 an hour to do it. It’s like being a spy, but instead of Russians, you’re hunting shady consumer quality! You could end up working between 10-30 hours a month so this won’t be a full-time job, but it could be some sweet supplemental income that gives you an excuse to go to the mall. To apply, you have to submit a list of the major retailers within 20 miles of you, three product trends you’ve noticed while shopping and a paragraph of 250 words on why you would make a great mystery shopper, among other things. Check Consumerist for the full details.

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