From bartenders to jewelers, NYC’s world of student labor

We’ve already pointed you to some free and cheap semi-professional services offered by students, from beauty school haircuts to dental school teeth repair. But the city, chock full of bright-eyed aspirations, is rife with many more smart, up-and-coming vocational students, apprentices and other pros-in-training who are willing to work for a fraction of what their professional counterparts make, according to NY Magazine. The mag this week runs down where and how much it costs to get tons of different cheap services, from bartenders, caterers, marriage counselors, facialists, jewelers, party musicians, dog groomers and more. Did you know you can get a CUNY Baruch accounting student to do your taxes for free? Or music lessons from a Juliard student for 50 percent what a pro charges? If you feel bad about taking advantage of struggling students, don’t worry: this is New York City, so odds are one of them will be dog grooming for a Kardashian before long.

One Comment

  • i worked at a company that hired a newly minted baruch grad; within 4-6 months our books were so effed up he got fired and it took about a year to straighten them back out. i’m sure this was an exceptional case, but it didn’t give me the greatest confidence in baruch.

    you get what you pay for out there.