New Upper East Side resident Bill de Blasio not getting along with neighbors

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The co-op board had a feeling about these ones… Photo by Madelyn Owens

It’s only natural to have feelings of resentment when you’re priced out of one neighborhood and need to move to another one, as was the case when Bill de Blasio moved from Park Slope to public housing in the Upper East Side. Already we’ve heard neighbors complain he was personally pelting them with snowballs, and now he’s turning the neighborhood into some kind of trash heap, as if the Upper East Side is no better than Bushwick. From the Post:

Dozens of piles of plastic bags stuffed with refuse marred the posh neighborhood, despite official claims that “around-the- clock” efforts had cleared away all of the city’s “backlogged material.”

Meanwhile, on de Blasio’s block in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, the only trash to be seen was a bunch of construction debris from a home-remodeling project — neatly tucked away in a tarp-covered dumpster.

Even worse, we hear that de Blasio’s metalhead daughter won’t turn down her damn rock and roll music.