New food delivery heatmap asserts Brooklyn a food delivery paradise

Brooklyn Food Delivery Heatmap

Good news: You’ll never have to cook again

Cooking, are we right? Sometimes (all the times) you come home from work and the last thing you want to do is put effort into getting dinner in your mouth. Of course in that case, it means you better live somewhere near some good delivery options. Good news, Brooklynites! Rentenna, the real estate company that produced Brooklyn’s green heatmap, is back with another heatmap that studies food delivery, and according to the map above, basically every neighborhood in Brooklyn has a wide variety of delivery options.

The food delivery heatmap doesn’t claim to study the quality of the delivery options around you, but instead looks at the variety of food in your neighborhood. Take a look at the red and the blue patches, dear readers, and tell us if you see your neighborhood and if you agree. Southeast Brooklyn (and Green-Wood Cemetery) seem to be about the only long large blue streaks in the whole borough, which is good news if you’re tired but bad news for your wallet.

In a move that’s bound to be more contentious, Rentenna also ranked neighborhoods by delivery options and came out with the following top 10 list: Park Slope, South Slope, Gowanus, Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, Cobble Hill, Clinton Hill, Downtown Brooklyn, Greenwood Heights, Williamsburg. And thus, the great Food Delivery Wars of Brooklyn began.