The Nets will get out from under Joe Johnson’s contract one day, but you can remember him forever. via That’s Enuff

The Nets have the first winning streak that Brooklyn has seen in over half a century, but never mind that, they’re also engaging in a pandering display that would even embarrass James Dolan giving back to their fans. Today at 6:30pm, anyone who lines up at the Barclays Center will be able to get a free tattoo of the Nets logo.

The giveaway seems to be part of an effort by Spike TV (home of the totally radical Guy’s Choice Awards) to promote their show Ink Master. And while there’s no word of whether or not the artists there will give you a tattoo of the BrooklyKnight if you ask real nice, there’s no reason not to try. If you’re interested in getting the Nets logo on your body, forever, despite the fact that the Knicks are still undefeated, you can email

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