Netflix map of Brooklyn lists top movies by zip

Picture 56If you haven’t had the chance to check out this totally rad New York Times map of Netflix queues by zip code, you must. Click on the map and it’ll take you to a Times page where you can find out the top 10 rentals in your neighborhood with a roll of your mouse. The fix seems to be in for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which claims the most #1 spots among BK zip codes, followed by Milk (Brooklyn Heights, Sunset Park and Fort Greene) and Rachel Getting Married (Red Hook, Park Slope); Twilight (Ditmas Park, Canarsie); and Tyler Perry, the Family that Prays (Brownsville, East Flatbush). There’s lots of overlap among the lists, but who knew Paul Blart: Mall Cop was such a blockbuster? (No. 7 in Bergen Beach; various cameos elsewhere). Anyway, we’re not even going to kid ourselves that you’re still reading this post anymore, so we’ll leave the rest to you and your mouse…

One Comment

  • I’m sad for all those people watching Rachel Getting Married. Netflix still owes me those hours back for that one.