Fleeing the ‘flix? Check this rundown of 8 Netflix alternatives

Not feelin' the Flix any more? You have options

Did today’s rage at Facebook’s changes make you temporarily forget your rage at Netflix’s way bigger changes? Let us refresh your memory because, between upping prices, removing instant-access Party Down from our lives and adding a silly sounding new service, you’re probably wondering what to do. The good nerds over at Wired have got your back with this complete rundown of eight Netflix alternatives, from iTunes and RedBox to Hulu and Vudu. Wired’s Mike Isaac runs down the prices, selection, pros (“wired”), cons (“tired”) and ranks each one. Handy, right?

One Comment

  • My Netflix alternative is Bittorrent. But I don’t entirely blame Netflix for all this hullabaloo – their hand was forced by the increasing greed of the content providers (e.g., Starz deciding to demand $300 mil to renew the contract they had previously signed for $30).