Napkin sketches at Nitehawk tumblr show people draw well in the dark

nitehawk droppings

Does that veggie burger have eyes?

If you’ve been to Nitehawk Cinema before, you know how things work there. You sit down at your movie, and instead of shouting your food and drink orders at the waitstaff like a common hobo, you’re supposed to write them down and wait for someone to pick the paper up. And most people do that. But, as shown by Nitehawk’s tumblr, other people use their time there to draw very detailed and strange sketches.

As seen above, that was someone requesting a veggie burger, even though it seems to have eyes. Other people leave behind poetry or critiques of their fellow filmgoers, but the real standouts are the drawings that people leave behind, of which we’ve picked a couple of favorites.




[h/t L Magazine]