Nailed it: Awesome nail art for New Year’s can be yours for just $20.14

Claire Beaudreault nails

Let your nails get more attention then your dress. via FNGRBLSTR

If you’re like us, you’ve been thinking about your New Year’s Eve outfit for the last few weeks, but haven’t done any actual shopping for it yet. Ugh, Manhattan during shopping season is the worst. Plus, what’s gonna help you stand out more: the same sexy dress everyone is wearing, or nails done by a professional nail artist, made up by to look like pool balls or Russian nesting dolls or the Bad Brains logo? And wouldn’t you know it, Claire Beaudreault (of No Office Party rocking trio Hand Job Academy) is just such an artist, and she’s offering a huge deal on her custom nail art.

Deal alert ~*~AIRHORN~*~

Through December 31, Beaudreault, a licensed nail technician, will be giving custom manicures for only $20.14! You can see her work on her Tumblr, Fngrblstr. Glitter, rainbows, Picasso paintings, googly eyes, hamburgers, champagne flutes — whatever you’re into, Claire will do it at her house in Williamsburg for a bargain (most nail salons charge $5 per nail for custom designs). Instead of getting a sequined Forever 21 dress that’s going to fall apart at the end of the night anyway, spend that money on something a little bit more noticeable and unique. Email her today (clarabiznass [AT] to make your appointment.