Syndicated opens tonight with $3 tickets, food and beer.

It’s not often lately that you hear the words “new” “opening” and “Bushwick” without it being about a bar with tiny cocktails or a restaurant with a woodsy name. But today is different, because Bushwick is getting its own movie theater. Syndicated, the new repertoire theater at 40 Bogart St., plans to show classics, indies and cult favorites, and opens tonight with a screening of Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 6 and 9. It’s a theater/bar/restaurant hybrid like Nitehawk but a little bit smaller, with seats for 50. But the best part is tickets are only $3. How’s that for a New York value, Ted Cruz?

Syndicated has a full bar and dinner menu, with majorly upscaled uses for theater food such as popcorn-crusted fried oysters, hurricane popcorn tuna, loaded tater tots, beer floats and duck confit nachos , and definitively non theater food like scrumpets, porcheta, steak frites and sweet potato croquettes. The cocktails are naturally movie-themed: Redrum (with rum and Brugal Añejo), the tequila and mezcal-based Up in Smoke. (The restaurant seats more people than the theater does, fyi).

Syndicated's theater set up. Photo by Michael Tulipan
Syndicated’s theater set up. Photo by Michael Tulipan

Double features are only $5 too; which you might need for its opening run of movies that includes a John Carpenter double feature tomorrow, a Man Who Fell to Earth/Howard the Duck twofer next week, plus Pulp Fiction and Big Lebowski later this month.

Presenting Syndicated’s January movie calendar with showtimes!! Tickets will be available here at the bar or from your server.

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Sweet potato croquettes, on the menu at  Syndicated. Photo by Michael Tulipan.
Sweet potato croquettes, on the menu at Syndicated. Photo by Michael Tulipan.

Syndicated’s hours: Sunday – Wednesday 4pm to 12am; Thursday to Saturday 4pm – 2am.

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