On the other spectrum of the below post, Curbed reported that they’ve discovered what is most likely the most expensive house in Williamsburg: a $3.79 million single-family townhouse at 257 Berry. And it looks … not that great? I don’t know, what am I missing here? For one, I don’t see a single waterslide or life-size Mario Kart room. But it does have its own 1,150-square-foot gallery space, four terraces and a loading dock. And it’s all of three blocks from The Levee, so you can pick up all sorts of wide-eyed 20-somethings, bring them home one after another and give them all their own terrace so they never meet. Makes that Pat Kiernan $2 million townhouse on Bedford look like a steal.

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  1. “$3.79 single-family townhouse at 257 Berry”

    Spendy real-estate indeed! That’s like, one used LP at Academy Records.

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