Brooklyn residents love NYC the most

How could you not love a city where this guy is an elected official. via the indispensable Marty Markowitz Eating

DNAInfo alerts us to the results of the Municipal Art Society’s Livability Survey which concludes, drumroll please…that Brooklyn residents freaking love it here. And why wouldn’t we? Brooklyn is home to world-class food, truly strange and original entertainment and the most attractive blog team on the face of the Earth (which BTW, if you wanna be a part of it, holler at us).

90 percent of us think that New York City is a great place to live, edging out those stuffy Manhattanites by two percent. Of course, somehow, Brooklyn came in third for “Best Place to live” and “Best value for the money.” Which, really? Because we’re stretching ours like Airheads over here, and having a great time doing it. Guess there’s just no pleasing some people.