‘Martin Amis in Brooklyn’ update: Martin Amis is still a homebody

martin amis

Someone get this man a friend. via Facebook

The last two summers, Brokelyn has been your go-to source for news about Martin Amis in Brooklyn. And, once again, we have an update as to what’s up with Martin Amis in Brooklyn. According to the Post, he’s not getting out much:

British novelist Martin Amis relocated to trendy Brooklyn in 2011 — but unlike literary ex-pats like Salman Rushdie, he has not become a regular on the city social circuit.

“Not often. I’m happy at home,” Amis declares in a Q&A with Hugo Guinness in Man of the World magazine when asked if he regularly dines out. “Quite lonely, isn’t it?” wonders Guinness, a resident of the borough.

This has been you update on Martin Amis’ life in Brooklyn. Stay tuned for your 2015 update next summer.

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