Eat up at Gargiulo’s, it’s 15% off this week. via Facebook

Brooklyn, what a melting pot! And given that we have many different peoples thrown together and on top of each other all breathing in the same garbage juice and poison air and what have you, it means we get so many wonderful ethnic restaurant week deals. October is a cold and unforgiving month, so to help you get through it, we’ve got Italia Week, where Italian restaurants around the borough throw their doors open with the promise of prix-fixe meals and discounts on your bill.

From October 22 to October 29, Brooklyn’s Italian restaurants will be serving up sauce for less, all in a celebration of how great they are and to encourage you to come on down and eat, eat. There are 28 total Italian businesses in Brooklyn celebrating Italia Week, with restaurants doing prix-fixe lunch and dinners ($20/$30 or $15/$25 deals) or 15% discounts on your bill at the end of a meal.

Even a couple of non-restaurants are getting in on deals this week, with C&L Fine Gifts/Fiorentino Jewlers offering 30% off everything in the store (as long as you bring the flyer) and A.L.C. Italian Grocery offering shoppers 20% off any bill over $25. So whether you feel like eating out somewhere like Baci & Abracci or Michael’s of Brooklyn, or you just wanna stock up on your Italian goodies to make your own delicious meals at home, you’re all set. Also if you’re cooking, invite us over, huh? We’ll bring wine.

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