Now that the selfie is out of the way, all she needs is one of the New York skyline at sunset. Via MaskedGorilla/instagram

It’s official: The Obamas love New York. From possibly building his Presidential Library here to kidnapping our children, they have made their feelings for New York very clear, and now they are looking to seal the deal by having Malia Obama possibly attend either NYU or Columbia.

Malia was seen touring both of the campuses this morning according to New York Magazine and NYU Local, and speaking with admissions ambassadors from both (or they might have just been ambassadors, who knows?). Malia has already proven that she is cool enough for New York via her mastery of selfies, and now this means that there is a distinct possibility that the next time you go to Webster Hall, you very may well have the daughter of the President of the United States bugging you to buy her alcohol.

Malia is now only a junior, and will end up getting to college just as her father is leaving office, so while she won’t be able to, say, use the Secret Service to clear out The Levee on a Saturday night so she can sit down, she will probably get to choose her own dorm, and then every single other person who gets to live in that dorm. Remember though, New York is the land of acting like you’ve been there, so if you do potentially see her on the street, don’t freak out because 1. that’s embarrassing, and 2. you might get shot. Personally, I’m betting on her moving out to Brooklyn and becoming roomies with Hilary Duff, because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that Disney movie already.

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