That could be you, telling people, “Hey, put that back.” via Facebook

So you saw all the BuzzFeed jobs, but shrugged, because media isn’t really your thing, fashion is. Usually we’d tell you not not to be picky, but what do you know, it’s paying off for once because Brooklyn Industries is having a job fair for management on Thursday at their Union Square store. Make sure you’re good as bossing people around, but doing it in a Brooklyn way, which we guess means shrugging while you tell someone to do something.

Photo by Faye Penn
Photo by Faye Penn

As you can see from the sign above, Brooklyn Industries is looking for some managers and floor supervisors to tell people to stop scowling, or scowl just a little more because that’s on brand and also hey fold those shirts, jeez. Don’t show up wearing a basketball jersey, since they want people who are “fashion-forward” all the time, and while your Latrell Sprewell Warriors jersey will one day be recognized as awesome by fashion mavens, that time is not yet now.

We know, fashion retail doesn’t sound super exciting, but don’t forget that fashion headhunter Kristy Hurt said that a retail job is a great way to make it to the top in the fashion industry. And if Brooklyn Industries doesn’t have someone smart like you eventually running the show, how will they avoid regrettable fashion shoot locations in the future?

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