Let us know what your favorite bar in Brooklyn is (for the Beer Book!)

lavender lake

We already know Lavender Lake is great, but what else is out there?

The Beer Books are your treasure map to beer-soaked adventures in Brooklyn. The thing about treasure maps though, is that they need directions and waypoints to get to the treasure. In the case of the Beer Books, those waypoints are bars (the treasure is beer). And while we’ve got a pretty good idea of the bars we love, like Lavender LakeMission Dolores, Brooklyn Buschenschank and Full Circle Bar, we need your help to fill out next year’s book.

So tell us in the comments, or email us at tips [AT] brokelyn.com to let us know the bars that you love. Maybe you’ll see it in next year’s edition of the Beer Book and the bar owner will be so happy you recommended them that they’ll give you free drinks for life. Of course, even if that doesn’t happen, your favorite bar will end up with some free publicity, but they can’t get it unless you recommend them to us, so if you’ve got a place in mind, shout’em out!

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  • Lulu’s in Greenpoint!!

  • Nostrand Ave. Pub (crown heights)
    Shayz Lounge (greenpoint)
    Matchless (greenpoint)
    Atlantic Co (pro heights)
    Gloriette Baldy (Bed Stuy)
    4th Ave Pub (Pslope)
    Freddy’s (South Slope)

    plz and thank you

  • Barbes in Park Slope

  • The Sampler on Starr in Bushwick is great. The friendliest staff of any bar I’ve been to, awesome beer selection, and they are very helpful picking out a great beer for when you’re working from home.

  • St. Gambrinus Beer Shoppe in Boerum Hill!

  • 4th ave pub
    sea witch
    trophy bar
    hollow nickel

    supercollider is okay too

  • St Catherine in Prospect Heights. They also have delicious sandwiches. Black Swan in Bed Stuy is another good one.

  • Windy City Ale House in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

    Great beer, great food, great staff. Best hockey bar in NYC, hands down.

  • Hope and Anchor
    Sea Witch
    Little Neck
    Pork Slope
    Duck Duck

    – those are 5 of the best, but all of book 4 was awesome!

  • Crown Inn, Flatbush Farm

    FYI, the only dud in the beer book this year was Waterfront Ale House. They were incredibly stingy with the pour and the bartender had an openly hostile attitude toward the coupon bearer. The place was empty, for good reason. We will never go back, coupon or not.

    • OMG! Same here re: Waterfront when I went over the summer. Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one!

  • I agree with Robi C. about Lulu’s – that’s a great bar. I also love Zablozki’s and The Gibson.