Now THIS is a spacephone map

Hey guys, tired of your AppleMaps stranding you in an Inception-like nightmare world, or a desert thousands of miles from civilization? Well you’re in luck, because the engineers at Google are here with a solution: just get GoogleMaps again! The app is free, as always, and has fancier graphics than the old standard iphone GoogleMaps, with smoother animations too. The only thing it doesn’t have bike directions like the desktop version of GoogleMaps does, because we’ve got to have something to look forward to on the next upgrade.

One staffer here, after being stuck with Apple Maps for the last two weeks has gone on record as the app being “the most terrible,” which is probably the best endorsement you can hope to get after your app strands two people in the desert.

Another reason to use GoogleMaps? It has transit directions, which is a necessary component of any spacephone for an urbanite. According to our iPhone user, Apple Maps twists the knife further by providing a transit app for British people before New Yorkers. The noive of these people.

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  1. But it does not have Apple Maps’ 3D buildings feature, so Google Maps is not recommended for when you are navigating a low-flying airplane over a city.

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