Learn to memorize poems then pass them off as yours with Poetry By Heart

"Hello, I'm Walt Whitman. Please take my name off your goddamn mall."

“Hello, I’m Walt Whitman. Please take my name off your goddamn mall.”

It’s National Poetry Month, and so far you’ve been shut out by both the public library’s and mayor’s office poetry contests. Aw, don’t cry. Seriously, what are you doing you’re an adult. Anyway, with Penguin’s “Poetry By Heart” app, there’s still a way to enjoy the back half of the month celebrating poetry, you can do it on your spacephone too, and it might even make you a better poet. Well, actually, that last one probably isn’t true.

The app works pretty simply. After downloading it for free, you get two poems to start, (additional poems can be downloaded in packs of three, for .99) from the likes of Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe and Emily Dickinson. Except instead of being a normal poem, it’s missing a few words. Fill them in correctly from the word bank you’re given, and hey, look at that, you’ve got a poem going. It only gets harder though, with additional levels taking away more and more words, until you’re left having to put the entire poem together without any clues. And then you’ll be so good at it, you can write it down when hanging out with people and pass the thing off as your own work. Just don’t do it around any English majors.