Learn on the cheap with a half-price Brooklyn Historical Society membership

brooklyn historical society

Ain’t it all grand and historical lookin’? via Facebook

Brooklyn has a ton of history, which makes sense, what with it being a huge part of the greatest city in the world. But if you want to learn about the place you live, if you want to get really deep, where should you start? We’d suggest the Brooklyn Historical Society, considering their name pretty much tells you they’re THE go-to resource for Brooklyn history. And now you can start getting schooled for cheaper than usual, with this deal for a year membership for half the usual price.

“Study your history/ Whoever don’t? I pity-the-fool like Mr. T,” MF Doom once rapped. And now you’d be an even bigger fool, because for just $35 (as opposed to $70), you can get a one-year membership to the Brooklyn Historical Society. What does a membership get you? Free admission for you and a friend or special lady to all of the museum’s exhibits and their fantastic Othmer Library.

You’ll also be able to get free or reduced admission to events like their Hip-Hop 101 series of speakers and their Drinks to Die For summer drinking in Green-Wood. Best of all, you’ll be able to soak up the knowledge that Brooklyn has to offer and then lord it over all your friends. And that’s what the true reason for learning anything is anyway.