It’s your last chance to grab a Beer Book for Valentine’s Day!

Beer Book 5

The gift that says “I love you. And you love beer.”

Valentine’s Day is coming up and ho boy, you know that means you’ve gotta get something nice for your special lady or dude. Sorry, all that talk about how V-Day is just a heteronormative attempt at cashing in on peoples’ deep-seated fear of being alone forever cuts it every other day of the year, but it just won’t next Friday. However, in the service of helping you get a not-lame Valentine’s Day present, might we suggest buying that special someone Brokelyn Beer Book 5? It’s perfect for your girlfriend who lives in Greenpoint, or your lousy artist boyfriend in Bushwick who has a secret square job, and today is your last chance to guarantee delivery by Valentine’s Day.

Why is Beer Book 5 such a perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Because everyone loves beer, and everyone loves exploring new bars. And the Beer Book gives you a ton of opportunities to do that in Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy and Greenpoint. After all, with over 30 bars in there, your boyfriend can’t have possibly been to all of them. Plus, considering that the Beer Book is still just $30, where else are you going to get that kind of value for your gift? Nowhere! Beer Book 6 is already sold out, and there’s only so many remaining of Beer Book 5, so jump on one today by clicking here or on the picture below, and we can guarantee it’ll reach you or your lover by Valentine’s Day.

Beer Book 5

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