Schaal behind the scenes at Littlefield. Photo via Flickr’s Marianne Ways.

We interrupt our regular brokecasting to bring you some sad news: Kristen Schaal, pillar of the local cheap comedy scene, 30 Rock regular and renowned horse, is leaving New York! Her comedian co-host Kurt Braunohler announced at last night’s Hot Tub comedy show at Littlefield that the rapidly rising star is moving to LA to become a Big Deal in Entertainment and Leave The Little People Behind, or whatever. She only has two more Hot Tub shows left, but Braunohler said the July 31 one is already sold out so your last chance to see her before she’s encrusted in Hollywood gold is July 24 at Littlefield.

My favorite Kristen Schaal Brooklyn moment was last summer during the Pretty Good Friends free comedy show at the Williamsburg waterfront, a muggy summer day when the skies opened up and unleashed that kind of apocalyptic rain that soaks you through and through before you even have a chance to run for cover. The crowd mostly stayed for the show (which involved Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Patton Oswalt and Jim Gaffigan) even as the downpour continued, although we were wet and miserable and murmuring about ruined shoes and cell phones.

Instead of getting muted by the surly vibe, Schaal dropped her shoulder and leaned into it with the spirit of a rallying battlefield general, managing to rescue the show and keep spirits up until the clouds finally parted with her adorably absurdist shtick. The thing de resistance, though, was her ending skit, a reenactment of Flashdance, which involved Eugene Mirman dumping buckets of water on her head over and over again, leaving her in wet solidarity with all the rest of us.

We’re sure she’ll be back soon (to film 30 Rock, if nothing else) But until then, good luck, Kristen!

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